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Financial Planning: Making Informed Decisions

By Jim Potter,
Executive Vice President

Helping physicians think accurately about how financial decisions made today impact being able to enjoy the tomorrows that you hope for can be a  significant challenge. Not surprisingly, many physicians often undertake their financial decision-making without a plan, or just ignore the subject altogether. That is why the Medical Society has partnered with the Baystate Financial Medical Division (Baystate MD) to offer our Fiscal Fitness for Life program to help New Hampshire physicians better manage personal financial decisions across your professional life span – whether you are a resident with a large debt load to a physician nearing retirement who wants to firmly grasp the financial and tax implications of winding down your career. 

Informed decision-making is...READ MORE

Accessing the Advice You Need

With the ever-increasing complexity of the financial world, it has never been more vital to have access to reliable financial advice. The challenge which many physicians face is gaining an understanding as to how financial professionals are allowed to provide advice. These various relationships...READ MORE

Bringing Order to Chaos

I suspect that the trials of these past few months in the medical, financial and social arenas have caused everyone to pause for just a moment - or two or three, or maybe even longer - to contemplate our relationship with: 

  • Ourselves;
  • Our futures;
  • Our families;
  • Our professions;
  • and Our communities.

The challenge before each one of us is, from what perspective or in what context we will approach these new realities of our lives. In our work with physicians, ...READ MORE

Fiscal Check-Up

A recent google search of 2019 New Year's Resolutions lead to the INC Money Magazine Post: 10 Top New Year's Resolutions for Success and Happiness in 2019. 

The top four resolutions are: 

  • Diet or eat healthier
  • Exercise more
  • Lose weight
  • Save more and spend less

With today's society's emphasis on "physical" health, it is no won-der that the top three resolutions were factors contributing to improving one's physical well-being. The fourth, saving more and spending less; can be seen as a surrogate for " gaining financial control in my life." Unfortunately, while there are countless support systems in place to help individuals act upon ...READ MORE